Why are images not available for some works of art?

Q: Why are images not available for some works of art?

I noticed that there are over 90,000 works of art in ArtsConnectEd but only a little over 19,000 have images. Why do you not have images for all works of art online?

Bill B.

A: Images of works of art are unavailable because of copyright restrictions or limits on time and resources needed to photograph the collections.

Some of the works of art in ArtsConnectEd are in the public domain. Works of art that are in the public domain are free of copyright restrictions. The public owns them; therefore anyone can use them for any purpose. Check out Stanford University Library's page on Public Domain.

All other works are protected by copyright. Permission must be granted for use on ArtsConnectEd for these works. Ownership of the object does not always include ownership of the copyright. Most works created after 1923 are covered by copyright or intellectual property law. ArtsConnectEd will not display an image of a work of art for which we do not have the necessary permissions from the copyright owner.

The remaining missing images are works that we haven't had the time or resources to document. We are constantly photographing our collections and are adding new images regularly.


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