Before we visit either museum, is there a way to see what is currently on view?

Q: Before we visit either museum, is there a way to see what is currently on view?

I am bringing my students to the Twin Cities for a morning tour of the MIA and an afternoon tour of the Walker including the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Do you have a preview of what they will see?

A: Art Finder search results can be filtered by what is currently on view.

It is easy to see works on view at the MIA and Walker with ArtsConnectEd. Go to Art Finder and click on the Works of Art tab. You can filter your search by checking the On View box  to filter, or show, only those works that are currently on view.

You can sort further by using the drop down box labeled Institution to select either Minneapolis Institute of Arts or Walker Art Center.

There are also two Art Collector Sets that might be helpful:
On View at the Walker 2009
Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Enjoy your visit!

Abbie Anderson  December 1, 2011

The link above for "On View at the Walker 2009" is broken. To get a list of exhibitions on view at the Walker Art Center, use ArtsConnectEd's Art Finder as follows:

  • First, navigate to the "Events" tab. (These are the blue tabs arranged horizontally, just above the search results.)
  • Use the "Institution" filter to select Walker Art Center.
  • Lastly, use the "Type" filter to choose exhibitions.
Now to interpret your search results. Each slide-like object represents an exhibition currently on view in the Walker galleries. Click on any exhibition title to read its description. Though the Sculpture Garden does not appear in the list, the Garden is open year-round.
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