Search for an item (Artwork, Text, Interactive Resource...)

To find a specific item:

1.   Click the blue ART FINDER button at the top right of the ArtsConnectEd homepage.

2.   Click the tab on the filter (see Figure 1) corresponding  to the item you want to find, for instance:

  • To find an artwork, click the Works of Art tab.
  • To find audio/video material, click the Audio/Video tab.
  • To find a text, click the Texts tab.
  • To find an interactive resource (for instance, other Web sites), click the Interactive Resources tab.
  • To find a related museum event, click the Events tab.
  • To search all items in ArtsConnectEd, click the All tab.

Figure 1: The Filters

graphic depciting the filters in Art Finder

Make your search more specific by specifying a keyword, selecting the Institution that has the item in its collection, or by specifying the artist’s name in the filter.  See Filters in ArtsConnectEd for more detail on filters.

Note:  If you are searching Works of Art checking the Has Image checkbox limits the search to show only those items in the collection that have images in ArtsConnectEd.  Unchecking this checkbox shows all items whether they have an image or not.

3.    ArtsConnected updates its content on all its tabs (Works of Art, Audio/Visual, Texts, …) to display summaries of items that match your specific Keyword and Institution. 

Note: To reset the filter to its original setting, click the Reset All button.

4.    To view an item’s detail click on the item in the search results.  The item’s detail page opens.

5.    To return to the search page from an item’s detail page, click the blue ART FINDER button at the top right of any ArtsConnectEd page.

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Art Collector Sets

Art Collector Sets are the product of ArtsConnectEd.  They are similar to PowerPoint presentations, except:

  • They contain items you select in ArtsConnectEd, Flickr, YouTube, ArtBabble or any MP3 audio file published on a Web site.
  • Once reviewed by museum staff, they can be published on ArtsConnectEd for other people to use and copy.
  • You can search for Sets and filter them like any other item in ArtsConnectEd and catalogue your favorites.
  • You can find Art Collector Sets other people and institutions have produced, including Sets created by museum staff.
  • You can filter your searches for Art Collector Sets based on grade level, instructional method, keyword and institution.

You must be an ArtsConnectEd registered user to create an Art Collector Set.  If you are not an ArtConnectEd registered user, you can create Temporary Sets, but these will not be saved for later use.  See The Difference Between Art Collector Sets and Temporary Sets for more information.

To become an ArtsConnectEd registered user, see the Registration Help.

An Art Collector Set is a collection of slides.  A slide can contain any ArtsConnectEd item except an Event or an Art Collector Set.  This means you can add any of these items to your Sets:

  • ArtsConnectEd Works of Art
  • ArtsConnectEd Texts
  • ArtsConnectEd Audios/Videos
  • ArtsConnectEd Interactive Resources

You can also customize a Set by adding:

Note:  You cannot add images from other Web sites outside of ArtsConnectEd and Flickr, or video files from Web sites outside of YouTube and ArtBabble.  You cannot add a MP3 audio file that does not have a URL, for example, one from your desktop.  You cannot add other audio file formats, like WAV and AIFF.

With ArtsConnected, you can:

Create Art Collector Sets

Manage Art Collector Sets

Customize Your Art Collector Sets

Share Art Collector Sets

Search Art Collector Sets



Add Your Previous Art Collector Sets to the New ArtsConnectEd

If you created Art Collector Sets using the previous version of ArtsConnectEd, you can add those Art Collector Sets to this version of ArtsConnectEd.  When you add one of your previous Art Collector Sets to this version of ArtsConnectEd, you import it.

You must register to use this version of ArtsConnectEd before you can import your Art Collector Sets from the previous version of ArtsConnectEd.  You do not need to register using the same username and password you used in the previous version of ArtsConnectEd, but you may if you want to.   

Note: To register to use this version of ArtsConnectEd, please see Registration Help.
To import an Art Collector Set:

  1. Log into this version of ArtsConnectEd:
    • Click the SIGN IN button in the top left-hand corner of the Web page.
    • Enter the Username and Password you created when you registered.
    • Click the SIGN IN button again.
  2. Click the ART COLLECTOR button at the top left of the screen.  ArtsConnectEd shows the Art Collector Sets you have created using this version of ArtsConnectEd.
    Note: This area will be empty if you just registered (see Figure 1).
  3. Click the Import From Old ArtsConnectEd button (see Figure 1).  The Import Set page opens. 
  4. Enter the username and password you used in the previous version of ArtsConnectEd and click the SHOW OLD SETS button.  ArtsConnectEd opens the Choose Sets to Import page (see Figure 2).
  5. Check the checkboxes beside all the Sets you want to import into the new version of ArtsConnected.
    Note:  If you select many Sets, ArtsConnectEd may take several miunutes to import them.
  6. Click the IMPORT SETS button at the bottom of the Choose Sets to Import page.  ArtsConnectEd imports your Art Collector Sets into the new version (see Figure 3). You may now do anything to these Sets as those which you create in the new version of ArtsConnectEd. 

Note:  If the Set you import does not have its Representative Image available in the new version of ArtsConnectEd, the Set will look like the center Set in Figure 3.  This item’s image is not available in the new version of ArtsConnectEd yet.  The item’s image will reappear in the future after the ArtsConnectEd administrators import it. 

Figure 1: Empty Art Collector Sets Tab with Import from Old ArtsConnectEd button in pink

graphic depicting import button

Figure 2:
The Import Sets page

graphic depicting sets from old ArtsConnected

Figure 3:

graphic depicting imported sets in Art Collctor

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