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Inspired by "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer




October 28, 2009

Institution ArtsConnectEd

Author Stephenie Meyer's novel "Twilight" has become one of the most popular books in the history of young adult literature. The story of two lovers from different worlds is reminiscent of a modern day "Romeo and Juliet".

I worked for a library at the time "Twilight" was published, and drawn by the vampire subject matter (I love vampire stories) I sat down to read it one evening and didn't put it down until the next morning when I was finished. Then I promptly turned to the first page and read it again.

This was in 2005, before the majority of the world had taken notice of the novel. I was lucky enough to live near a bookstore where Stephanie Meyers was having a book signing, and was able to attend and have her autograph my book. I asked her how she keeps up her enthusiasm for the story- as an amateur writer myself I find the most difficult part of creating a story is revisiting the same characters day after day while the plot unfolds- she replied that she writes the "good parts" first. By the time the climactic scenes are finished most of the novel is complete. She only needs to write in the filler between chapters.

Stephenie and I are roughly the same age, and I found her advice and the beauty of her novel inspiring. The artwork presented in these slides remind me of scenes from "Twilight". I hope that if you haven't read "Twilight" yet you will be inspired to read it after viewing this presentation.

All excerpts quoted here are from Stephenie Meyer's novel "Twilight" published in 2005 by Little, Brown and Company.

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Type: Student-created Work
Grades: 5-Adult
Instructional Method: Small Group Instruction
Added to Site: October 28, 2009