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Art & Today Illustrated


Susan Rotilie


September 20, 2010

Institution Walker Art Center

Eleanor Heartney's book, ART & TODAY (Phaidon Press, Inc., 2008) offers an interesting take on understanding contemporary art. In this book, Heartney divides this vast territory into insightfully devised chapters. This Set adopts Heartney’s chapter headings, beginning each section with a description from Heartney and then illustrating each section with examples of work by the artists she discusses.

"One of post-modernism’s primary targets is the very notion so central to the history of modern art: The master narrative. Hence we must abandon universal principles in favor of micro-narratives. The master narrative has been replaced by a multiplicity of narratives—ones that may overlap but not necessarily coincide."—Eleanor Heartney

This Set illustrates some of the "micro-narratives" addressed by artists working today.

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Type: Instructional Set
Grades: 7-Adult
Instructional Method: Classroom Discussion, Self-paced Learning
Added to Site: September 20, 2010