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Art Collector Sets Examine the How and Why of Collecting Art





Institution ArtsConnectEd

Ever think about using Art Collector to reflect on the act of collecting? Here are a few Sets that take the notion of collecting as their theme.

THE HOW-TO OF COLLECTING: Get your students zipping through Art Collector by checking out How to Build Your Own Art Collector Set. This resource provides step-by-step instructions on how to create a Set. Designed to guide your navigation through Art Collector's features, this Set pairs screenshots with descriptive annotations to make collecting easy.

THE WHY OF COLLECTING: A new Set titled Be A Curator prompts students to look closely at works of art and consider the role of a curator. Whether we're thinking of a museum's entire collection (in this case, the Walker's), or focusing on an exhibition (in this case, 50/50) as a "collection within a collection," this Set examines decision-making behind the act of collecting.

Interested in these resources and the information they provide? Get involved in the discussion by posting a comment to these Sets or other ArtsConnectEd resources. (For help on how to post a comment, click here.)

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Added to Site: May 5, 2011