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Self-Guided Tour of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden: Who? Where? What?


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Institution Walker Art Center
Self-Guided Tour of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden: Who? Where? What?, Walker Art Center
Self-Guided Tour: Who? Where? What?

Self-guided tours are thematic instructional materials for student groups experiencing the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden on a self-guided visit. Self-guided tours include a Garden map marked with the tour stop locations. Self-guided visits for student groups (10–100 people) can be scheduled using the Tour Request Form ( You can view the materials with the ArtsConnectEd image viewer or download the PDF files to your computer. Use the Prev/Next buttons to move between the page previews and a link to the actual file.

About this Self-Guided Tour

On this tour, students will select two artworks as the focus for writing a story.

Pre-Visit Planning

Before you begin this visit to the Garden, have the students divide into smaller groups of two to four people. Assign a chaperone to each small group, and give each student a copy of the handout, a pencil, and a clipboard or hard surface on which to write. Designate a central spot for everyone to gather after they have finished their writing and allot enough time for them to share.

Role of Chaperones

Please stay with your group throughout their visit. You will facilitate each time the group chooses a work to write about and lead them to it. Once there,encourage them to look at the sculpture, walk around it, and share what they notice. Encourage each student to answer writing prompts on their own, and let them know when it is time to move to the next artwork. After the writing is finished, walk with your group back to the designated central spot for sharing.

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Type: Instructional Material
Grades: 4-6
Instructional Method: Thematic Approach
Rights: ©2011 Walker Art Center
Added to Site: October 10, 2011