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Motherhood Revisited


Nancy Dalence


February 20, 2012

Institution ArtsConnectEd

Hey New Mother! Feeling a little lost in your new life? With your new life? This beautiful set of images will help you combine your old love of art and culture with your life as a Mother. Wonder through these images in the comfort of your home, then bring your lamaze buddy and the baby to find the real images at the museum. Your baby will love the new, happy you! 

Author's Note: This set is created for new mothers, typically 20-35 years old, who have enjoyed art as a hobby, student or professional, and want to combine their love of art with their newest love, Baby.  These images show many aspects of motherhood, in various art forms. Let these images help you reconnect with the art world.

Disclaimer: Not all images are available at all times at the museums.

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Type: Student-created Work
Grades: Adult
Instructional Method: Self-paced Learning
Added to Site: February 20, 2012