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David Nash, Standing Frame (1987)


Walker Art Center



Institution Walker Art Center
British artist David Nash has been making sculptures from trees since the late 1970s. Nash is an environmentalist; for his artworks Nash uses only trees that have fallen or cuts fully mature trees to open space for new forest growth. The artist uses all parts of the trees, including the twigs and scraps that he makes into charcoal for his drawings. He carefully studies the unique qualities of tree limbs and branches for possible sculptural interpretations. Nash made Standing Frame from two white oaks found near Taylors Falls, Minnesota. The trees were hauled by a horse from a wooded area along the St. Croix River. In 1994, after the wood's natural aging had turned the sculpture a pale gray, the artist charred the surface black with a propane torch to embolden its sculptural line and provide a new seal. Visitors can look through the "frame" to view the surrounding land and cityscape.
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Type: Commentary, curriculum resource
Source: Text for David Nash, Standing Frame (1987), from the curriculum guide The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden: A Garden for All Seasons, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, 1998.
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